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Floating is freedom from the wheelchair


“Normally we can not engage in activities like splash wars, (David’s favorite) because my hands are tied up holding David. Until now, we have never come across a flotation device that provided David the ability to stay upright and the freedom to move his arms and legs so freely. Not only did the Float'nThang change this water play activity for David, it also allowed me independence while in the pool, said Michelle.


Its so exciting to see him happy!


“Although this device was not designed to benefit any specific population, watching David and Michelle exchange laughter as they engaged in water play for hours, was a heart-warming and proud accomplishment!”, said Doug Masi, founder and inventor of The Float’n & Boat’n Thang.


David would like you to try the Float'nThang

We would love to provide this experience to all the courageous parents raising little hero’s. From now until May 2018 all families who purchase a Float'nThang to accommodate a person with special needs can use a coupon code DAVID that provides a $30 discount off purchase of (non sale) FloatnThang. USE CODE HERE.

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