Water Safety to Protection from Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes

Uganda Outreach

HISKIDS is making a difference in Uganda

A photo of the children who received our fall distribution of nets.
Children attending a schooling session. Many child have no mother or father.
GO Team in Uganda  who worked on handing out and training how to use the mosquito nets
Several children received the HISKIDS shirts along with other needed clothing supplies.

About Us

What We Do

We are helping as far away as Northern Uganda in education for orphans & mosquito net distribution.  Details at www.HISKIDS.Info .  

The outbreak of malaria around the camps in Northern Uganda is overwhelming due to the population within the camps.  The nets allow the children to sleep at night without getting attached by the disease-carrying insects, killing the insects that land on the net.   The nets are locally made in Uganda. 

While in the US we want to bring a smile to special needs boys & girls of all ages when enjoying time in the water.  The freedom which flotation can provide can't be put into words. That's why David wants to share his experience through HISKIDS.LIFE.  Being able to float freely for the first time without a life vest was amazing for him, as a vest by itself would not work.  Through David's experience may you find the same joy that he and his mother Michelle has found with the new innovation in personal flotation.

Sharing a new Innovation - Float'n Thang

David (who has never walked in his life) would like to share how a new innovation helped him float independently. Michelle (supervising) also could enjoy some float time with David, as they played splash wars.

What is the new Innovation in Flotation?

A fun multi-use personal flotation device Float'n Thang® gives users a new way to experience  Zero Gravity floating in the water. Helpful in reducing stress and pain by allowing unrestricted movement in the water. First if its kind. 

New Flotation Helps David Float Like Never Before

Check out this great video - The Float'n Thang (personal flotation) helps David who is 100% disabled since birth. 

David was born with multiple disabilities including Epilepsy, Cerebral Palsy, Broncho-Pulmonary Dysplasia, 

Hydrocephalus, and intellectual disability.

*Note:  A percentage of each flotation sold goes to help HISKIDS promote water safety and share how individuals with special needs can be included in water fun activities.

Video - Float'n Thang as a support device

  • David is enjoying some San Diego wave riding.   Notice how it helps give him support and provides a place for him to hold
  • David who was born with multiple disabilities can now enjoy more water activities, thanks to an innovate flotation product.  The Float'nThang 
  • Michelle (mom) sent over this video during a Best Day Foundation event held in San Diego April 2018

Help Our Cause to get others Float'n

Your support and contributions enables HISKids.Life to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission to get others enjoying floating, through product donations and special discounts.  The FloatnThang offers a special code (request code via email) off the retail price not offered to the general public.

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Sign up to get our special discount code offer for our special needs community. Each purchase helps get more kids floating safely.

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Special Innovation in Flotation


Sunshine Innovation's Multi-Use Flotation Design Helps Individuals With Special Needs.  Liability Magazine 2019

Press Releases 

Paddleboarding to Kayaking

Flotation for Paddleboards and kayaks

Customers enjoy having a flotation device, that is functional in and around water. It can be used by paddle boarders, kayakers as item holder and added safety.  A device that can be tossed to someone in trouble can save a life.

Getting Nets to the Kids


The nets are locally made in Uganda. They allow 3 to 4 children to sleep under safely keeping the disease-carrying mosquitos out.  The nets also mosquitos on contact.  This greatly helps in reducing the rate of malaria.

Helping Individuals with Disabilities Enjoy the Lake


We love helping with such amazing groups like Day on the Lake.  Supporting outdoor fun activities for those who might otherwise never get to enjoy. Activities like water skiing, surfing and now fun floating.

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Lets Connect and Get Everyone Floating Safely

We welcome aquatic centers and organizations that are teaching children swimming and water safety.  Please contact us above for additional details on partnering with us.   Lets keep our kids enjoying time spent in and around water.  Floating makes individuals with disabilities feel just like everyone else. 


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